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Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common problem which has affected people across the globe. There are several factors which contribute to this condition. Stress, ever changing lifestyle habits and lack of care are some of the common reasons which lead to hair loss. It leads to the situations where in a person ends up losing all hair which only affect their confidence as well as appearance. Both men and women are suffering from this problem in modern times. to improve this condition, maximum people restore to several cures but to no avail. Thus, it becomes important to choose solutions which can address the main problem instead of giving superficial results. We can provide permanent cure to this problem of hair loss.

Being spearheaded by team of experienced and highly qualified cosmetic surgeons, we are able to provide the most effective treatments such as hair re-growth, hair transplant or hair fall.

Here you will find a few points which will make it easy for you to understand Hair restoration treatment.

Hair fall treatment – As far as medical hair restoration is considered, it refers to the combination of surgical hair loss treatments which are designed for reducing baldness among men. There are different types of hair replacement procedures which can help you accomplish this including scalp expansion, flap surgery, hair transplant grafting and scalp reduction.

Hair Re-growth - The main objective of hair transplant surgery is to reposition follicles from donor site to area of the scalp which has to be treated. Initially, large clusters of follicles as well as hair were relocated lending an extremely unnatural look. However, modern day techniques allow cosmetic surgeons for relocating extremely small groups of follicles for creating pattern of hair growth which is similar to young scalp. Also known as follicular unit hair grafts, micro grafts can give truly a natural look.

Hair restoration has emerged as one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. Hair follicle from one part of body is shifted to the area with complete or partial hair loss. We make use of the finest and most advanced techniques to perform the procedure.