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Mesotherapy refers to a non-surgical treatment method which is based on superficial microinjections, right beneath the epidermis, into the target tissues. The procedure is gaining immense popularity among people who are suffering from hair loss problems. The term “meso” comes from the mesoderm, also known as middle layer of the human skin (near about 1mm deep). In this kind of treatment, mesoderm is stimulated relieving variety of ailments and symptoms.

The solution which is injected into the area to be treated might comprise of a range if co-enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nucleic acid which are tailored according to the needs of patient.

When mesotherapy is performed for hair loss then you can be assured to get excellent results. It is a safe and painless procedure when you choose us. We are Cosmetic Surgery Clinic India offering Mesotherapy for hair treatment. There is need for neither local anaesthesia nor dressing during the surgical procedure. As a matter of fact, once the surgery is performed, you can resume your work or daily activity almost immediately.

There are different techniques which are used in mesotherapy treatment. There is very possibility you might have heard about proprietary approaches like MesoHair or Mesoplasty. Both these techniques have shown outstanding results with hair re-growth in women and men. Scalp of the patient is given a much needed vitamin boost which helps in improving the flow of blood circulation in this particular area. Improved flow of blood circulation allows hair follicles to get nourished which helps in regrowth of hair.

This kind of treatment has helped many people get hair growth back. It is done by making use of injection gun. This makes the treatment extremely fast that too without any discomfort or pain. The treatment is highly effective and you can experience re-growth of hair within six to eight months’ time.

Over the period of time, the effect of mesotherapy solution will neutralize the presence of DHT hormone leading to growth of hair again. There is very possibility you might need as many as five sessions of the treatment over the span of six months to get significant results. As far as post treatment care is considered, your cosmetic surgeon will tell you depending on your case.

Maintenance of Mesotherapy

When done correctly, it can eradicate the requirement for hair transplant surgery. We make sure that our patients get the right advice for care and maintenance.