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Nose Reshaping Procedure

Having features which enhance your looks and personality is something we all crave for. Often, women and men are not happy with the shape and size of their nose. There could be several reasons for it. Not only such deformities affect your appearance but also hinder your breathing pattern. If you are facing similar issue then you can now improve your condition by simply opting for nose reshaping procedure, also known as Rhinoplasty. This is a special kind of surgical procedure which helps in enhancing the shape of nose and correcting breathing problems.

When a nose job is done correctly, it can make a huge difference to your facial features. In fact, you will feel great boost in self-esteem. You can see great variation in the size of your nose, changing or narrowing shape of the nostril or altering the bridge or tip of the nose or its appearance. When you choose us for rhinoplasty then you can be assured to get outstanding results.

Here are a few points which will give you better understanding of the nose reshaping treatment.

  • The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and last for between two and four hours.
  • Cosmetic surgeon makes the incision the nostrils for concealing the scars.
  • In some complex situations, the need for open approach might arise which can leave a small scar at nose’s base.
  • Post-surgery, a splint is applied and then nostrils are packed

Rhinoplasty refers to the medical term for the surgical procedure which reshapes and resizes the appearance of your nose. There are different types of nose alteration procedures to tackle different concerns. Nose reshaping surgery is an effective surgical procedure for achieving better facial looks in patients who are having either functional problems or are unhappy with their existing looks.

Improved airflow through nasal passage can be achieved with this surgery. There are several structures within nose contributing to problems related to breathing as well as airflow. Altercations or trauma of accidents or sports can cause deviation in nasal spectrum. Those who have crooked septum might be well aware that either of the nasal sides might be blocked for airflow. In such a scenario, septoplasty is performed. Rhinoplasty also improves the size and shape of patient’s nose.

So, if you are considering undergoing nose reshaping surgery then we can help you. Just get it touch with us to know more about nose reshaping surgery procedure.