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Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure

What last longer than acne is scars consequential to it! Mark that acne leaves is much more terrifying and worrying than the very presence of acne. There is no denying the fact that everyone craves for attractive looks. However, sin manufactures its own oil which can congest pores causing acne and acne scars. As body attempts to get rid of this acne, it ends up wounding the skin in the entire procedure. Then, it leaves blemishes on body and face that are known as acne scars. Scarring of acne can have lasting reminiscence which can adversely affect poise as well as appearance of a person. However, you can now get rid of acne and acne scars with Platelet Rich Plasma treatment.

PRP, that is Platelet Rich Plasma, is created from your very own body. A small amount of blood is drawn from blood which is then placed in a sterile tube which is spun down in centrifuge for separating different components of blood. White and blood red cells are separated from the platelets as well as plasma. This plasma then comprises of more than normal platelets, and thus called PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma.

Platelets refer to the cells in blood which help body tissues to heal as well as grow new cells. The PRP is injected into certain areas of the skin acting as a matrix which promotes your body’s own collagen to grow and regenerate tissues, thus naturally tightening and softening the skin. PRP treatment not only softens skin wrinkles but also creates smooth skin tone and texture.

It stimulates collagen to grow for complete facial rejuvenation instead of individual wrinkle improvement. It helps in adding volume to the faces which appear drawn out for plumping cheek indentations, enhancing skin tone, softening under eye hollows; fill in areas and texture and tightness. In the world of skin rejuvenation, PRP treatment has emerged as one of the most preferred and effective non-invasive treatment for those who have dull skin.

You can get gorgeous glow in just a few steps by opting for this non-surgical procedure. It lasts for an hour to ninety minutes and multiple injections are used. Results are reliable and safe. You can resume daily activities immediately after procedure. It is safe as platelets are harvested from patient’s own blood. Give your face a radiant glow!