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Thermage Procedure

Looking young, beautiful and refreshing is something most of us crave for. Ageing takes away charm and youthfulness making your skin dull. If same is the case with you then Thermage procedure is the option you can consider.

It is a newly introduced skin treatment procedure which helps in reducing visible signs of ageing and toning areas in just one sitting. It’s a non-invasive procedure which means no surgery is needed and it can take several years off your appearance. With aging, collage present in skin breaks down causing sagging and wrinkles in skin. Thermage treatment makes use of patented radiofrequency (RF) technology for safely heating the deep skin layers, stimulating collagen and promoting production of new collagen for younger looking skin. Results are long-lasting depending on the natural process of aging and skin condition.

Just one sitting for the treatment and you can get full advantages. Results of the procedure might appear over the period of time. In most cases, it takes around two to six months of time for results - skin tightening and contouring.

As such there is no extra or special care needed following the treatment besides regular skin maintenance as well as sunscreens as part of skincare regimen. Since the procedure has no downtime, patients can resume activities almost immediately after the treatment, however minor swelling or redness might appear for a day or two.

Thermage treatment for different body parts

It is one procedure which can give outstanding results to different parts of the body. It can safely and effectively treat skin on different body areas including thighs, face, hands, tummy, buttocks, eye and arms. It can also reduce the appearance of cellulite for some time.

Conditions which can be treated by Thermage

On the eyes, Thermage can treat rough texture on eyelids, under eye bags, hooding, fine lines and wrinkles and other factors which make your eyes tiring. Around the face, it can treat loose jowls, skin sagging, lack of definition in jaw line, “turkey neck” or sagging neck skin, lack of definition in lips and fine lines and wrinkles.in other parts of body, it can treat sagging, bulging and wrinkled skin and appearance of cellulite.